150 Questions For A Guerrilla by Alberto Bayo

By Alberto Bayo

Common Alberto Bayo is potentially the only person such a lot answerable for Fidel Castro's army successes opposed to the Batista regime. locate the solutions to such questions as what's the most productive dimension of a guerrilla unit? How will new volunteers be taught? What can be performed if the enemy hearth on us suddenly?

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They never give up, they always resist, they are always trying to stifle us. Some of these snakes are the politicians in the clergy who hardly deserve the name of Christian or Catholic. They are the ones who want to do in Latin America as they did in Spain where they achieved complete domination of the Spanish people after a horrible mass murder. And thus they preach in the Dominican Republic the slogan of God and Trujillo and have the shamelessness of repeating in our countries, exhausted by exploitation, misery, oppression, injustice, and by bourgeois reactionary dictatorships that call themselves democratic, that heaven is for the poor in spirit.

132. Should we remove all doors within the house? All the doors within the house must be removed or pulled away except those of the rooms where food and ammunition are kept. 133. How do we arrange the houses that make one block? They must all be connected by passages made in the separation walls; these passages should not be higher than one meter or wider than sixty centimeters so that people can go through one by one only and stooping. This prevents the enemy from entering a house ready to attack the defenders.

They will relax during the day, wash their feet daily and take care of their toenails since feet and legs are the engines of the guerrilla. They will study the maps of the region, memorizing the names of all nearby villages, and their population and some of the names of the people, they will identify on a blank chart all rivers, tributary rivers, springs, reservoirs, and wells. They will learn the distances between different points within that sector and the location of bridges and sewers that might be used for train sabotage.

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