2012: The War for Souls by Whitley Strieber

By Whitley Strieber

December 21, 2012, can be some of the most watched dates in background. each 26,000 years, Earth strains up with the precise middle of our galaxy. At 11:11 on December 21, 2012, this occasion occurs back, and the traditional Maya calculated that it's going to mark the tip, not just of this age, yet of human realization as we all know it. But what is going to truly take place? the tip of the realm? a brand new age for mankind? not anything? The final time this occurred, Cro-Magnon guy all at once begun growing nice paintings within the caves of southern France, which to at the present time continues to be the most inexplicable alterations in human background.  Now Whitley Strieber explores 2012 in a towering paintings of fiction that would astound readers with its actually new insights and a riveting roller-coaster ride of a story. A mysterious alien presence all at once bursts out of sacred websites world wide and starts off to rip human souls from their our bodies, plunging the realm into chaos it hasn't ever earlier than identified.  Courage meets cowardice, loyalty meets betrayal as a whole global struggles to outlive this wonderful end-all war. Heroes emerge, villains display themselves, and in spite of everything whatever thoroughly new and unforeseen occurs that right away lifts the fictitious characters right into a new existence, and sounds a haunting real-world caution for the longer term.

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Trevor had been delighted at not having to join the acolytes of the Anglican Communion in America. He'd dreaded Latin. People everywhere were taking the horrific business that was unfolding in the world to mean that the soul was real. No less a luminary than the physicist Sir Roger Penfold had called it "the profound organ" because of the way it appeared to control memory and emotion. Given that it consisted exclusively of electrons, the belief that it was immortal had turned out to be entirely correct.

I need some space, hon. This thing I'm writing, it's getting to me, for sure, and I agree with you, we need that not to happen. It's about us and about people who live in another version of this house in a parallel universe. I think that's what it's about, anyway. I'm sort of more of a reader than a writer, here. " "Well, like this conversation. This will be in the book. Because we're part of the story, somehow. " Uh-oh. He had to tread carefully here. hm. The people in the parallel universe aren't us.

And yet, the form-it looked like a man standing real close to the trunk of that oak. Oh, shit, what if the reptilians knew that he was writing about their invasion, and they didn't like it? Hardly daring to do it, his hands shaking so much he could barely manage it, he got the flashlight pointed in the direction of the figure. -which did not move. Was it a branch? What was that? He stepped closer. " It leaped out at him. He fell back, he lost the light, and then the figure was on him, glaring down at him-and laughing.

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