A Breath of Magic by Tracy Madison

By Tracy Madison

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Fast. “Dessert. ” I smiled sweetly. ” Alice’s eyes narrowed. “Chloe? ” She spoke calmly, but steel threaded every word. Fine. We’d talk. But not with Kyle in the room. I turned my attention to him. “Could you wrap up a few slices for them to take home? ” “Um. Sure. ” He tossed one last look of confusion at us before making his escape. As soon as the kitchen door swung closed, my chest loosened until I was able to breathe again. Thank God. ” Alice asked, unknowingly echoing her sister. “What do you think you’re doing?

But she was wrong. The magic she and Elizabeth have is a gift, and gifts are meant to be used. I kept my gaze glued on the kitchen door. “Fate brought me and Kyle back together. ” “Fate? You believe that you and Kyle are fated for each other? ” Alice situated herself in front of me, and because she’s eight inches taller than my five-foot height, doing so broke my eye contact with the door. Her chestnut-colored hair was up in a ponytail, and if it weren’t for the fire in her eyes, I’d have said she looked cute.

My guest list consisted of maybe twelve people. If my sister Sheridan flew in from Seattle, I’d have a baker’s dozen. Ha. Chances of that were slim to none. My baby sister and I hadn’t been close for years. A decade or more, really. After our parents died, we’d moved in with my dad’s sister. Sheridan and I were a team then, because Aunt Lu was not the motherly type. We took care of each other. Then I left for college and nothing had ever been the same. I sighed, pushing the thought away. The days of sisterly love were long gone.

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