A Grammar of Biblical (Tanak) Hebrew by John H. Sailhamer

By John H. Sailhamer

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__ n i ~~ would reduce to a shewa. 4. Syllables and the Accent A syllable can be either accented or unaccented as well as either open or closed. Certain rules apply to the vowels in open and closed syllables when they are accented or unaccented. The most important rule is that a closed, unaccented syllable must have a short vowel. J syllable: i~i tlLL Thus melek CLC~i> (clliQlir). L. , ..... ~~ ~ g t:> '-lll~t.. 5. The Qames Hatuf The Tone Long vowel, Qames, and the Short vowel, Qames Hatuf, are identical in form ( T ).

Suffixed Pronouns (Possessives) The possessive pronouns are attached to the end of the noun. 1. , ~·s ; 3rd Person "1oJf) '1""" I 1. II 1"' . 2nd Person i1"' ... ·•· rl ... 1"' ... ':J~- ':} .. ""''A{ 1st Person PLURAL "' c ... · : 10"' .. 1. · .. I -t~\r -t\i(r 3rd Person - "' '10",- . · .. I ;;vr 1st Person ~J .. \ ; I \1 1l"' .. o(~ 1 b; l b \(. -, ~f'7tJ;) 1 ~ ? ~ 49 1~"' .. i" "our day'' '=IJ"~i" "our days" Examples: a. " (Josh 20:6) b. lJl c. 2. Exercise on Suffixed Pronouns Translate the following words and phrases: 1.

A Hebrew root usually consist of only two or three consonants. " The relationship of the meaning of the noun "king" to the root ''to rule" is transparent. ~~. " At this point, the beginning student should memorize the words on the first two pages of the Hebrew Vocabulary List and review them often. We will discuss many of these words in the following pages. ~ i11i1'1 i1WJJ b) i1lZiTJ? N 1~1 God spoke to Moses. 3J A man went up to a house. d) 1"P=il ::1~: He dwelt in a city. e) mw~ w'l~ nP-? A man took (married) a woman.

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