A Grammar of Miya (University of California Publications in by Russell G. Schuh

By Russell G. Schuh

A Grammar of Miya describes a language of the Chadic family members spoken in Northern Nigeria. this can be the 1st documentation of Miya other than observe lists. The grammar describes all features of the language. Of specific typological curiosity are the tone method, a "terraced point" method during which tone operates over multi-syllabic domain names, and notice order, that's VXS in lots of contexts.

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1 whi h ld h ' . 9 -, C wou ot erwlse be predicted by the associatl'on patt . b .. ern gIven a ove. 8Verbs of the "H H" an d "H L" classes comprise two furth 1 I . H-X tone patterns (4'§§12 3 2 3) H H b I e r arge c asses of words descnbed as having • . - . ver c ass gerunds (4'§2 2 1) h . a H-H nouns e g b'tak" ' t ' , • d' . ave a tone pattern resemblmg that f ymg' rJVJ akJ 'becommg . hin ' , but for these gerunds the first H is associated with any b unI num er ab moras up to and . ' association between "H H" d .

1'-. "'-.. "'-.. sgbg vaatlg Lexical H I * L I r--....... L I S;}ll HL I I L L L wuna baday words wuti! 'one' and dKanoo 'Kano'2o have an underlying Toneless-L pattern, giving citation pronunciation [- _1 and [- - _1 respectively because of DEFAULT HIGH applying to the initial Toneless domain. However, when such words follow a L domain, the initial Toneless domain is associated with the L, creating the environment for LOW RAISING to apply to the internal L of the words. The surface result is a reversed tone pattern from that of the citation form.

Primary adjectives, of which they are only five, always bear a gender/number-sensitive suffix. The roots of primary adjectives are all bimoraic. Of the five primary adjectives, four are in the H class, but the fifth is L, which is a pattern not found on bimoraic nouns. However, since these adjectives are never used without the mora(s) added by the gender/number suffix, they might be considered as 3-mora words. I give only two examples, each in the masculine singular form. See 8:§3 for details: 12} have transcribed this word in my notes as having a L initial a-.

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