A Grammar of Pichi by Kofi Yakpo

By Kofi Yakpo

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I try to describe as much variation as feasible. I largely avoid comparative or etymological observations with respect to English and African languages and try to look at Pichi ‘from the inside’. This grammar is also being prepared for publication in Spanish by CEIBA Ediciones (Barcelona) in an abridged version intended as a reference grammar for use in Equatorial Guinea by researchers and university students, teachers and educationists, as well as other individuals who are interested in the linguistic heritage of the country.

Ab 03 ab 091] Sentence no. Free translation line Speaker name Year Text name in text recorded In every example, the free translation is followed by a text code in squared brackets. g. [dj07ae 137] and [ra07ve 069]. Common parentheses in the free translation line contain supplementary and disambiguating translation material. Squared brackets provide contextual or other relevant meta-information. Punctuation in the Pichi examples follows intonation: A full stop indicates an utterance-final boundary tone, a comma continuative intonation.

In fact, the data assembled in this book speaks for a remarkable degree of continuity between Krio as spoken in Sierra Leone today and present-day Pichi. Nevertheless, the possibility of some influence from Nigerian Pidgin in particular should not be ruled out and needs to be properly assessed. The forces shaping Pichi today are fundamentally different from those that were operative until the beginning the late 20th century. Equatorial Guinea is today traversing the most profound economic and social changes since the colonial era.

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