A Grammar of the Greek papyri of the Roman and Byzantine by Francis T Gignac

By Francis T Gignac

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D. , Philodemus, phil. C. , Philoponus, Joannes, phil. D. , Photius, lexic. D. , Phrynicus, attic. D. , Phylarchus, hist. D. , Pindar, lyr. C. , Plato, phil. C. , Polybius, hist. C. , Plotinus, phil. D. , Plutarch, biogr. D. , Polemo, soph. D. , Pollux, gram. D. , Polyaenus, hist. D. , Porphyrus of Tyre, phil. D. , Proclus, phil. D. , Procopus of Caesarea, hist. D. , Pseudo-Callisthenes, hist. D. , Pseudo-Phocylidea, lyr. D.? , Ptolemaeus, math. D. , Pythagoras, phil. C. , Quintus Smyrnaeus, epic.

C. , Asclepiades, epigr. C. , Athenaeus, gram. D. , Bacchylides, lyr. C. , Babrius, fab. D. , Callimachus, epic. C. , Chionides, com. C. , John Chrysostom, orat. D. , Clement of Alexandria, theol. D. , Clitarchus, hist. C. , Cratinus, com. C. , Ctesias, hist. C. , Cyril of Alexandria, theol. D. , Demothenes, orat. C. , Dio Cassius, hist. D. , Dio Chrysostom, soph. D. , Dionysius of Halicamassus, hist. C. , Diogenes Laertius, biogr. D.? , Diodorus Siculus, hist. C. , Damascius, phil. D. , Damoxenus, com.

There was no phonemic distinction between voiced and voiceless sibilants, nor between liquids in at least the Fayumic dialect. 3 The above anomalies in phonology are obvious instances of Egyptian interference in the Greek of the papyri. Interference in morphology is not widespread because the. inflectional systems of Gre�k and Coptic are not at all parallel, but there are many phenomena in the syntax of the documentary papyri which have no clear connection with features of classical or Modern Greek and for which precise parallels can be found in Coptic, such as the further specification of a relative by a resumpt�ve personal pronoun.

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