A grammar of the Kuvi language, with copious examples by Frederick Volkomor Paul Schulze

By Frederick Volkomor Paul Schulze

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Mrieni of mrika of 43 I>. mrienaki to 0. mrienai the mrikaki mrikai mrikati or to ") ^^^ ^ Example. 3. N. tonesi the friend toneska the friends 1.

Nange eduru watesi he came in front of me (towards me) front of) 55 The 6. postpositions ittala ^^^d attala are mostly connected with totto or padia (this side or the other side). Thus— i horu ittala totto piju padia karra mazze on this side of the ritte atihe attala there was rain, but on hill the other side there was sunshine. The 7. postposition ta (in) commonly used is connection with the singular Number, but ^La commonly used . i in connection totata (in) in is with the plural number. zu i> :^^ there were flowers in this garden but : c^ totangana punga mazzu i there were flowers in these gardens The 8.

The naidu hauteni f. A the thief la or li and eni to a neuter noun. Neuter Noun. papu Personal Noun. m. sin f. OZU beauty m. f. blindness gudi m. f. randi widowhood m. f. 7. donga by affixing thief There — This exist some papuli ozula ozuli gudila gudeni randela sinner „ the handsome „ the blind the widower randeni la to a personal noun. m. f. N. B. papula the formation dongela the thief dongeni is special words, not generally to be used. which should be learned. 31 8. by adding kahinasi (player).

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