A Grammar of Toqabaqita (Mouton Grammar Library) by Lichtenberk, Frantisek

By Lichtenberk, Frantisek

Toqabaqita is an Austronesian language spoken via nearly 13,000 humans at the island of Malaita within the south-eastern Solomon Islands. This two-volume grammar is the 1st complete description of the language, according to the author's box paintings. The grammar offers with the phonology, morphology, syntax, and discourse styles of the language, in addition to with its touch with Solomon Islands Pijin. it will likely be of specific curiosity to typologists and to experts in Austronesian linguistics.

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In other cases, the reduplicated forms are lexical items of their own that have only a historical relation to their original bases; for example, /n++-n+7/ ‘grease (in food)’ and /n+7/ ‘coconut’. 5. Cliticization and fusion With some exceptions, monosyllabic grammatical elements cliticize to the preceding word in the clause, if there is one. ’ /lap's+ m‹p+/ Since such grammatical elements have no stress of their own, in some cases such cliticization results in an additional syllable of the host being stressed in order for sequences of more than two unstressed syllables next to each other not to arise.

Phonetic vowel length is distinct from geminate vowels. 3. Unstressed vowels are optionally devoiced in absolute final position after a voiceless consonant and between two voiceless consonants: (2-11) a. b. +ys+k‹pm'] ‘monitor lizard’ When not in a position in which vowels are lengthened, /a/ is realized as [‹] if the immediately preceding or the immediately following syllable contains a high vowel, /+/ or /7/. When one or both of the neighbouring syllables contains /+/, there may be some fronting: [‹

And /d/ carries relatively strong prenasalization intervocalically, while in absolute word-initial position the prenasalization tends to be very weak or there is no prenasalization at all. Prenasalization is sometimes absent, even when it is otherwise strong, when speech is directed at someone who is assumed not to know the language (well). PERS’), and [a:b7] ‘don’t do that’ rather than [a:mb7] (/ab7/ ‘be forbidden, not allowed’). +] ‘basket’, and [k7k7b'] rather than [k7k7mb'] ‘hop on one leg’.

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