A Present for Charlie

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Italian Greyhound (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

Think about the awe-inspiring fantastic thing about the best Grecian urn or a canvas rendered by means of one of many Renaissance masters and you have got the attract of the miniature ask yourself we name the Italian Greyhound. This swish greyhound in miniature defines attractiveness in a Toy puppy, extra slim, in fact, than the a lot better race puppy whose identify he stocks.

A Girl's Best Friend

In A Girl's ally prime author-photographer David Darcy explores the undying bond among lady and puppy. seeing that Indigenous Australians first shared their lives with dingoes hundreds of thousands of years in the past, canines were a part of the material of daily life in Australia. traveling round the kingdom, from the coast to the Outback, David photos girls from all walks of lifestyles as they noted their canines - from difficult operating canine to pampered kinfolk pets.

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