A Shot in the Bark: A Dog Park Mystery by C. A. Newsome

By C. A. Newsome

Artist Lia Anderson loves to begin on a daily basis with a visit to the Mount ethereal puppy Park together with her rescues. Then her boyfriend's physique turns up, bringing the eye of Detective Peter Dourson. Lia struggles with grief and her transforming into appeal to the good-looking detective whereas Dourson suspects all isn't because it turns out with the tightly knit staff of park regulars. As Dourson's research uncovers well-kept secrets and techniques, a killer lurks within the guise of a pal.

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Today, a statue of Old Drum stands outside the Warrensburg courthouse. Faithful Dog Hachiko Hachiko was the name of a male Akita puppy adopted in 1923 by Professor Eisaburo Ueno of Tokyo University. Every day, the professor took the train to work. When he returned each evening, Hachiko met him at the Shibuya Station, and they walked home together. One day, the professor suffered a stroke at work and died instantly. Each day for the next 10 years, Hachiko waited for his master at the station. At first, he walked several miles daily from the farm of relatives who adopted the dog after the professor died.

32 6 Number of “benched” dog shows in the United States. ) A benched show is one in which the dog contestants must stay in their assigned bench area for the duration of the show unless they are in the ring, exercising, or being groomed. This makes them available to meet and greet the throngs of spectators who attend the show each year. 8 Maximum number of words a dog competing in the show can have in his or her name. 9 months Age of the youngest dog to win Best in Show: a rough collie named Laund Loyalty took the title in 1929.

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