Above the Veil (The Seventh Tower, Book 4) by Garth Nix

By Garth Nix

A hero's journey...a conflict among worlds....With magical storytelling, this sequence vividly creates an complicated global.

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She would use Odris. "I want you to carry me across," Milla said, holding up her arms. "I'll need more light," said Odris. " Milla nodded and backed up. She concentrated on her Sunstone as she walked. She was getting better at controlling it, but was still much slower than Tal. The stone slowly brightened, the ring of light around her expanding. Odris slipped up into the air and spread out into a puffy shadow-cloud, swaying in and out of the light as she adapted to the breeze. Milla held up her arms again.

Adras was also missing. Tal woke feeling strangely stretched, with a splitting headache. It took him a little while to realize that this was due to his Spiritshadow's absence. Adras returned only a few minutes later, drifting dejectedly into the central courtyard around the well. " asked Tal grumpily. He was cross from his headache, and because Milla had gone without saying good-bye. He was also grappling with guilt. Milla's fate was entirely his fault. "Following Odris," replied the Spiritshadow.

It was our Danir, too. " But they would fear, Milla knew, and perhaps they were right to do so. She was fairly certain what the Crones would do when they heard the news of free shadows in the Castle and the unsealed Keystones. They would summon every Shield Maiden, Sword-Thane, and available hunter to the Ruin Ship. A great host of Icecarls would be gathered, with a single aim: To take control of the Castle and return all shadows to Aenir. She doubted that any Chosen, whether under Sushin's sway or not, would let that happen without a fight.

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