Advanced Nunchaku by Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

By Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

Written via Fumio Demura, one of many world's prime gurus on jap guns, this advisor to complex nunchaku covers diversifications of twirling and swinging, with separate education kata.

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G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S 47 Greco-Roman Wrestling G E O F F 48 T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S Belly to Side Suplex Chapter Four Belly to Side Suplex In actuality all suplex type throws are very similar, it is only the entry and where you grip that changes. So, in effect, as long as you can get both arms tightly around the opponent and join them at the other side you can suplex them. The counter to a suplex, if you get caught, is to either drop forward to the floor, in which case the opponent is where you want him anyway, or to hook your foot or feet, as shown.

Simultaneously drop all your weight on to your right (or left) leg and drive your right (or left) knee to the floor between and just past the inside of his legs. Your left knee bends to the right side of his body and is used like a starting block to drive the opponent on to his back. Your head goes tight into his right side, just under his armpit. This whole action has to come together as one piece and you should explode into the opponent so that he has no time to defend. G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S 61 Greco-Roman Wrestling G E O F F 62 T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S The High Double Leg Take-down G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S 63 Greco-Roman Wrestling An alternative to this technique is to attack exactly the same way only with both knees between the opponent’s legs as opposed to one inside and one out.

Personally I couldn’t give a monkey’s bum what the throw looks like as long as it is functional, as long as it’s potent. My old friend Dave Turton always told me that it didn’t matter what colour the cat was as long as it killed mice. Enough said. From the conventional grip, left lead wedge stance, snatch the opponent’s head forward as though you are trying to smash his face into the floor (actually I suppose that is what you are trying to do) as you simultaneously lunge backwards with your right (or left) reverse leg.

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