Agreement and Its Failures by Omer Preminger

By Omer Preminger

In this ebook, Omer Preminger investigates how the compulsory nature of predicate-argument contract is enforced by way of the grammar. Preminger argues that an empirically sufficient thought of predicate-argument contract calls for recourse to an operation, whose obligatoriness is a grammatical primitive now not reducible to representational houses, yet whose winning fruits isn't enforced by means of the grammar.

Preminger's argument counters modern techniques that locate the obligatoriness of predicate-argument contract enforced via representational capacity. the main in demand of those is Chomsky's "interpretability"-based suggestion, during which the obligatoriness of predicate-argument contract is enforced via derivational time bombs. Preminger provides an empirical argument opposed to modern ways that search to derive the compulsory nature of predicate-argument contract solely from derivational time bombs. He deals in its place another account in accordance with the proposal of obligatory operations better suited for the proof. The an important facts comprises utterances that inescapably contain attempted-but-failed contract and are still totally grammatical. Preminger combines a close empirical research of contract phenomena within the Kichean (Mayan) languages, Zulu (Bantu), Basque, Icelandic, and French with an intensive and rigorous theoretical exploration of the far-reaching outcomes of those info. The result's a singular concept that has profound implications for the formalism that the conception of grammar makes use of to derive compulsory strategies and houses.

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14 Notice that with the exception of the 1st person singular yïn, all Kaqchikel pronouns—even those in the 3rd person—begin with r-, which can be seen as a truncated version of the determiner ri. Assuming that this is indeed the source of this initial approximant, we could then say that 1st/2nd person absolutive agreement markers in Kichean are determinerless versions of the corresponding strong pronouns. This is, admittedly, a small sample to begin with. The comparison of 1st/2nd person absolutive agreement markers and their strong pronoun counterparts involves four pairwise comparisons; and one of these, the 1st person singular pronoun yïn, shows a slight deviation from the general pattern.

But being probed by π 0 triggers clitic doubling of the dative argument, resulting in a pronominal form that reflects its entire ϕ -feature set (not just its [person] features, which is what π 0 was probing for). ” In this scenario, there is no way for the [person] features on π 0 itself to come to bear 1st or 2nd person values, even if the dative argument and/or the Theme bear those values (because datives do not generally transfer their own ϕ -feature values to agreement probes, and because the Theme in this case is unreachable).

10) Transitive a. ’ b. ’ (11) Intransitive a. ’ b. ’ As these examples show, the single argument of the (unaccusative) intransitive uk’lun (‘arrive’) triggers the same marking on the verb as the object of the transitive ax (‘hear’) does: Ø (empty) for 3rd person singular arguments, a(t)for 2nd person singular ones. In contrast, the subject of the transitive triggers different marking on the verb: r(u)/u- for 3rd person singular arguments, a(w)for 2nd person singular ones. Note that the absolutive agreement marker in Kichean precedes the ergative marker; thus, in the transitive verb, one finds the following morpheme order: (12) Morpheme order in the Kichean transitive verb aspect abs erg verb prefix – marker – marker – stem –.

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