Antares Victory by Michael McCollum

By Michael McCollum

After a century of war, humanity eventually came across the Achilles heel of the Ryall, their xenophobic reptilian foe. Spica – Alpha Virginis – is the major big name process in enemy area. it's the hub in which all Ryall starships needs to move, and if humanity can in simple terms trap and carry it, they are going to strangle the Ryall conflict laptop and finish their probability to humankind forever.
It all appeared so basic within the desktop simulations: improve via stealth, assault all at once, strike speedily with overwhelming strength. regrettably, conquering the Ryall proves the simple half. With the most important to victory in hand, Richard and Bethany Drake realize that they have to additionally triumph over human nature in the event that they are to carry down the alien foe …

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The nightmare scenario was that the Ryall, unaware of their own danger, would choose this particular time to launch a major thrust into human space. That both sides in a century-old war would attempt acoup de main at exactly the same moment was improbable, but not implausible. The history of warfare was replete with cases where victory had gone to the army that held a few hours’ advantage over its opponent. The Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War was but one example. If the unthinkable happened, both invading forces would overwhelm defenses stripped bare by the offensive operations in progress.

Ready third volley,” she ordered when the missiles of both sides disappeared before they could reach their targets. The distance between the two ships was now down to 45 seconds travel time. “Liz! ” “Belay that last order! Target the new arrival with the third volley. ” Again, the ship bucked as the missile ejectors expelled heavy spheres into space where their matter converter engines could safely drive them toward the enemy. When the third volley was away, she ordered, “Ripple fire. Send everything we have at Bogey Seven Delta.

Around him were the twelveTerrestrial Space Navy ships of his command. In addition to the Blastship Archernar , he commanded the CruisersSaratoga andBrindisi , the DestroyersAchmed Khan ,Irving Kirschner ,General Murphy , andTagaki , and four tankers. The twelfth ship in his fleet was a converted freighter, theMax Planck , and the most dangerous craft in the formation. For aboard thePlanck was a cargo of more than fifty thousand long-range missiles and other armament. ThePlanck was a dual-purpose craft.

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